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Truly Great Coffee

​Here at Sense of Place Café, we specialize in roasting and serving only premium quality, single-origin and blended coffee.

Our very own Enzymo Coffee undergoes a natural fermentation process and is then roasted by a SCAE Roasting Professional certified and Q-Arabica Grading certified barista in small batches.


This not only allows us to deliver the freshest coffee with optimum flavor to our customers every day, but also results in coffee with lower levels of acidity that is much easier on the stomach.

We believe drinking coffee should be an experience, and we can guarantee that yours will be truly one-of-a-kind after a cup of coffee from our café.

Introducing our
Pour-Over Coffee 


About Our Coffee

To amplify your coffee-drinking experience even further, we welcome you to try our specialty pour-over coffee at the bar. Here, you will be personally served by our certified barista with a quality cup of coffee that is brewed to order using the Hario V60 (Hario means in Japanese "The King of Glass").


Although this option is not for those in a rush, it’s perfect for those desiring the full experience of high-quality coffee. At the bar, customers take the time to see, smell, and taste subtly different notes of flavors and textures with every sip that they may not have noticed before. Not only do these differences vary depending on the origin of the coffee beans, but these tastes are also ones that can only be produced by our very own preparatory, roasting, and brewing processes here at Sense of Place Café.

Choose from a variety of coffee flavors that we developed as well as our functional coffee selection at the bar and we will make it right for you.

Arctic Fox

This fermented Sumatran coffee with a dark roast gives bold, yet calming flavors and aromas. The deep and rich tones of this coffee will surround your tongue and awaken your senses during those cold, wintry days.


 The clear tangy, berry flavors of the Ethiopia keep each sip so bright and airy, finishing with subtle lemony, herbal notes.


 A mild roast that has a bold opening and follows with a smooth, light and flavorful acidity but offers earthier flavors than the Ethiopia.


 Smooth & full-bodied with low acidity. Deep & earthy flavors. Sweet aftertaste. Dark Roast.


Diamond in the Beans

 This fermented blend is all about balance-- with a slightly tangy undertone and an incredibly smooth aftertaste, this winter blend has just the right amount of acidity to leave a gentle sparkle of flavor in your mouth with every sip.

Wild Amazon

 If you want the perfect pairing to any baked good, look no further! This mild roast opens up with lush, fruity flavors, but with very little acidity that is balanced by subtle nutty, earthy tones and has a very smooth finish.

Morning Star

 This new summer flavor from our fermented Costa Rica coffee has a very bright and round body with mild acidity and complexity. It presents notes of tropical fruit, plum, apricot and almond.

White Sands

This fermented Brazilian coffee gives light but earthy sparkle of flavor with minimal acidity and nutty notes.

Calm and smooth finish.

Specialized Functional Coffee

Hero - Ginseng Coffee

 Time to let ginseng come to the rescue in your daily cup of coffee! This mild roast made with Sumatra beans and aged ginseng gives an incredibly full-bodied acidity and bright tangy flavor that lingers in your mouth while simultaneously being balanced by the characteristic deep earthiness of ginseng at the end. Because the ginseng is incorporated into the beans themselves, you can drink its benefits, which include boosting your energy, lowering blood sugar, reducing stress, improving brain function, and having anti-inflammatory effects.

Peace Mojo - Berry Berry Coffee

This mild roast that has been made with a variety of antioxidant-rich berries, including açai, is a truly functional coffee that will help you do a detoxifying cleanse from the inside out. The nutrients from these incorporated berries also promote anti-inflammation and are important for a healthy digestive and nervous system. With subtle floral and almond aromas, the Peace Mojo coffee has consistent, bold berry flavors with a very clean finish that is sure to make you feel refreshed and renewed!

A Walk in the Mountains - SOP Mushroom Coffee

This is our own creation of mushroom coffee that has been made with a unique blend of coffee beans and 10 different wild mushroom extracts: Reishi, Shiitake, Maitake, Turkey Trail, Chaga, Lion’s Mane, Oyster, Cordyceps, Tinder Conk and Hemlock Varnish Shelf. 

The resulting coffee contains additional nutrients, minerals, and antioxidants that can help boost your energy. The earthy, musky flavor of these mushrooms combined with our own Enzymo coffee makes this roast one of the healthiest and most robust coffees you'll ever try.

Bringing the Sense of Place Experience to Our Communities


As a coffeeshop and eatery, our café is a great stop throughout the day where you can find a high-quality, delicious cup of coffee and a small bite to pair it with in one place within the beautiful town of Arlington. Whether it be a local go-to for social and family gatherings or a homey spot to enjoy a good book in while enjoying our healthy, fresh menu options, we want everyone's experience in our café to be unique. 

Be sure to check out our monthly coffee-tasting events! The proceeds from these will be donated to local organizations and schools in the community.